Persona 3 Movie Is Reaching Our Shores In May

Persona 3 Movie Is Reaching Our Shores In May

North American fans waiting to see the first Persona 3 movie (Spring of Birth) will get a chance on May 20. The Blu-Ray/DVD release will come with English subtitles as well as bonus content.

There is also a collector’s edition that contains the following:

  • Soundtrack CD (including “More Than One Heart” by Yumi Kawamura)
  • Exclusive box art by Keisuke Watabe (character designer/animation director)
  • Newly illustrated cover art
  • 48-page Deluxe Booklet with English translation
  • 10 “Super P3 Stickers”
  • 4 Key art illustration cards

The collector’s edition will net you $99.98 while the standard edition will only cost $74.98. You can find both at a lower price on Aniplex though.

Spring of Birth is actually part of a trilogy. It focusses on the main character joining S.E.E.S. and starting at Gekkoukan High. The second movie, called Midsummer Knight’s Dream, introduces the robot android Aigis as well as the infamous Strega. It enters Japanese theatres on June 7.

While it may seem tempting to pick this version up, there is a good chance the film will see an English dub in the future (much like Persona 4: The Animation). If you have never played Persona 3, you can pick up both the PSP and PS3 version the PSN now. Also available (starting today) is Persona 4 on PS3. You can also check here to see all about the upcoming games in the series.

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