Persona Q Shows Off Yosuke and Mitsuru

| January 10, 2014
Persona Q Shows Off Yosuke and Mitsuru 1

ATLUS has released two new videos, showing off Mitsuru and Yosuke in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.

The videos have both characters interacting with others like Teddie, Yu and Chie. Some more gameplay was also shown, with both Mitsuru and Yosuke using their Personas.

Most interesting is the end of Mitsuru’s video, where you can hear what seems to be a new track from Lotus Juice, known for doing many of Persona 3‘s tracks (Mass Destruction among them). Also shown are some of the areas, including one that seems to be a children’s playroom (giant bunny and all).

Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth hits Japanese stores on June 5th, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. Unfortunately, no North American release date has been announced, but you can be sure Q will make its way to western shores eventually.

[youtube url=”″ width=”940″ height=”860″]

[youtube url=”” width=”940″ height=”860″]

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