Persona Series Passes An Amazing 15 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Persona Series Passes 15 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

The Persona series is doing really well to no one’s surprise as the series continues to grow and make games available on additional platforms, including PC and Nintendo Switch.

Atlus shared the company’s financial results for their last fiscal year, which ended March 31, 2021, and a lot of people are throwing money at the series, especially on PC. The series has sold over 15 million copies (including digital sales) since it first released nearly twenty-five years ago.

Persona 5 Royal has sold almost two million copies, which is especially impressive considering it’s only been released on PlayStation 4. Persona 4 Golden has sold over two million copies across PlayStation Vita and PC and it’s very popular on Steam. This is especially noteworthy considering it just released on Steam in 2020 and is the only Persona game available on the platform.

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The financial report also shared sales data on the Persona 5 soundtrack, which has sold over one hundred thousand copies. Video game soundtracks can usually be pretty popular among fans but that doesn’t always translate to big sales numbers. It can often just mean players listening to the soundtrack on Spotify. It speaks both to the dedication of the Persona fanbase and the soundtrack’s quality for it to sell so well.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to take away from the report though is the amount of copies Persona 5 Strikers has sold. It’s sold 1.3 million copies since it first released in Japan on February 20, 2020. Even though it’s a spinoff and not necessarily a mainline release, it’s still done really well in a short time. Persona 5 Strikers was released on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 so it makes a compelling argument for releasing Persona titles on other platforms. If Atlus can make a lot of money on PC and Switch then it could push them to release a main entry of the series on Switch, PC, and maybe even Xbox.

Regardless of what happens with other platforms, Atlus is doing very well and has a bright future ahead of it.

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