PlayStation 4 Titles to be Added to PlayStation Now

| Mar 13, 2017
PlayStation 4 Titles to be Added to PlayStation Now 1

Sony announced today in an official blog post that the PlayStation Now service will finally have PlayStation 4 titles added to its lineup, allowing subscribers to be played on their PlayStation 4 consoles as well as on PC.

In the upcoming weeks, those already subscribed to the service receive an email, inviting them to a private test allowing them access to a number of PlayStation 4 games over the service. Thanks to cloud saving, players should be able to seamlessly alternate between consoles or even a PC, resuming gameplay whenever they’d like.

PlayStation Now launched its streaming services in January of 2015 and its use spanned across a number of Sony products ranging from home and portable to consoles to TVs, Blu-ray players and on PC. Costing $19.99 for one month and $44.99 for three months, subscribers were given a catalogue of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 titles that could then be rented for a small fee and streamed to their devices, similar to Netflix or Spotify.

In February of this year, Sony announced that they will be discontinuing the service on all platforms excluding PlayStation 4 and PC by August 15, 2017. This is most likely so that the service won’t be held back by the older hardware. There have also been rumours that original PlayStation titles and PlayStation Portable titles are likely to be announced for the service in the future.

Though it initially launched with a small lineup back in 2015, PlayStation Now has grown to have a catalogue of 483 games as of march, with more games being added each week. Some of the most popular games from the last console generation are now playable to those who missed it thanks to the streaming service and soon, a number of hit PlayStation 4 games will be as well.

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