Playstation Network Offline Tomorrow Afternoon

| September 24, 2013
Playstation Network Offline Tomorrow Afternoon 1

For all you PS3 owners, there’s a public service announcement on the PlayStation Forums that the PlayStation Network will be undergoing maintenance between the hours of 12:15 pm to 6:15 pm Eastern, or 9:15 am to 3:15 pm Pacific. Naturally, this also means services like the PlayStation Store will be offline during this time. And yes, this pretty much means that people that can somehow play multi-player games during the afternoon on a weekday are out of luck. UNLESS, that is, you’ve been playing regularly on the PSN over the last few days.

Sony has already confirmed that recent, regular players will remain unaffected. Per the announcement:

If you’ve signed onto PSN over the past few days, you’ll still be able to play online and access apps during this period, but you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home, and Account Management as these services will be unavailable. Be sure to sign in now if you wish to access the Network during this maintenance window.

If you hadn’t logged in for a while and were planning to play hookey tomorrow afternoon, you should probably take precautions now and log in. The FFXIV addicted will likely remain unaffected as they haven’t logged out since August anyway.

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