PlayStation Plus New Arrivals For March 2022 Includes A Bonus 4th Gift

| February 28, 2022
PlayStation Plus New Arrivals For March 2022 Includes A Bonus 4th Gift 7

As February comes to a close, PlayStation Plus prepares gamers for March with brand-new offerings, and this month the gaming service included a bonus title.

The monthly offerings from the PlayStation Plus subscription service continue to roll out in a monthly fashion and gamers are allowed to reap the benefits of a membership with FREE titles. For March 2022, however, PlayStation Plus gives players access to four titles at no extra charge. The subscription service usually only gives out three games per month, while only PlayStation Now members were able to snag an extra game last month, but March is just that much better this year for the Plus side of things.

PlayStation Offerings For Plus in March 2022:

  • Ghostrunner
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Team Sonic Racing
  • BONUS: Ghost of Tsushima:Legends



While the sequel was announced last year, the original Ghostrunner is an FPP that ejects the player into a cyberpunk dystopia where the objective is to navigate action-adventure sequences as a superhuman entity known as Ghostrunners. There are notable upgrades the player can acquire for the cybernetic Ghostrunner named Jack and features a parkour playstyle reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge, or Dying Light 2. The only catch is both the player and enemies can be fatally wounded by one hit, so it’s best to stay alert at all times.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game offered by PlayStation Plus that throws the player on a fantastical island setting where starting from scratch is the main idea. CGMagazine’s review describes the gameplay as “you punch trees with your fists to get bundles of wood, you pick up some rocks, you build a pickaxe, you use the pickaxe to get better materials, so on and so forth. It’s a series of little victories and small steps,” being that it is close to the premise of Minecraft, and features dynamic weather settings.

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing really places emphasis on teams of the kart racing genre by allowing teams of three to work together with the goal of finishing in first place. It’s still head-scratching as to why the blue blur needs any type of vehicle to ‘go fast,’ but the game works with the well-rounded group of Sonic characters featured as playable. CGMagazine’s review states “in comparison to the previous All-Stars games, Team Sonic Racing certainly feels faster-paced, with tighter controls,” in response to the general gameplay.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Trailer Breaks Down Rivals Mode

Rounding out PlayStation Plus for March is the multiplayer add-on to the award-winning title Ghost of Tsushima. This worthy entry in a PlayStation Plus month that features two ‘Ghost’ titles. Legends tests the player’s mettle in a mission mode, a survival mode, and a PvP mode for cooperative and adversarial gameplay. The developers at Sucker Punch pulled no punches implementing a multiplayer mode that features the signature Ghost of Tsushima brand of gameplay but whittled down, so it feels less ‘samurai god mode.’

These PlayStation Plus gifts will be available for players with an active membership to download beginning March 1st. Fans who have not yet grabbed last month’s offerings should act fast, as they’re going away at the end of this month. PlayStation Plus members will notably be able to retain the redeemed titles as long as membership remains active, so there is really no downside.

FREE is the best price.

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