What Are the Free PlayStation Plus and Now Games for February 2022

What Are the PlayStation Plus and Now Games for February 2022 1

PlayStation Plus subscribers can take advantage of three free games this month as PlayStation Now subscribers will have the chance to grab four titles.

The first of a new month brings excitement, especially as February marks Valentine’s Day and Black History month. While February is celebrated for these important occasions, gamers are very interested in finding out what new free games they can receive through their subscriptions at the start of the month.

PlayStation Plus users can claim these games in February:

  • Planet Coaster: Console Edition
  • EA Sports UFC 4
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure

Planet Coaster: Console Edition is a management simulator that allows players to build their very own theme park from an exhaustive list of rollercoasters, themes and players can also build fun things like an awesome go-kart track. A reviewer here at CGMagazine called it “a fun, pleasant, quirky, creative place to be that puts the player back in touch with all those silly, fantastical childhood aspirations of creating and owning a theme park, all without any of the tedium and taxman of real life.” This fun, free game can only be played on the PS5—sorry PS4 players.

What Are The Free Playstation Plus And Now Games For February 2022 2

EA Sports UFC 4 is a cage-fighting simulator game where players can create their own UFC fighters and challenge the AI in career mode or go literal head-to-head with your friends online. Why fight in real-life when you can Superman punch someone in a video game? CGM’s reviewer commented on the game, “There are many things that EA Sports UFC gets right, but the top of that list is most certainly visuals.” This game will be available for both PS4 and PS5 subscribers.

Last but not least for PlayStation Plus is Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure, which is a standalone version of a Borderlands 2 DLC campaign that contains the same Borderlands mechanics with RPG and Dungeons & Dragons twist. A CGM reviewer even commented that “this DLC is comedy gold.”

And if you are also subscribed to PlayStation Now, subscribers will have the chance to redeem these games:

  • Little Big Workshop
  • Through the Darkest of Times
  • Death Squared

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition needs no introduction as one of the action-adventure games in Rockstar Games’ arsenal that many fans adored. This edition featured updated graphics for the environment, textures and even has the controls and targeting system used in Grand Theft Auto V.

What Are The Free Playstation Plus And Now Games For February 2022 3

Little Big Workshop is a factory-building game where the player oversees running their own tabletop factory. Your cute little workers will build anything your customers want, from rubber ducks to drones and electric guitars. If you ever had the fantasy of running your own factory empire, this is your best bet!

Through the Darkest of Times is a historical strategy game where the player is the leader of a small resistance group who is trying to expose the Nazi regime in 1933’s Berlin. The goal of the game is to try to thwart the regime by raising awareness of what is really going on and spreading the truth without the Nazi regime’s suspicions.

Death Squared is an indie puzzle game that can be enjoyed with many of your loved ones. Players take on the role of two to four different coloured robots who have different tasks to complete. There are also traps and obstacles in the way, so it is no easy feat to complete each level. There are also “insane party chaos” challenges for parties of four. There is a single-player option as well, where one player can play the two-player story mode.

These are all the free games PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscribers can now grab in February 2022. Get them while they are hot and before they are gone!

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