PS5 Backward Compatibility is Looking More Promising

PS5 Backward Compatibility is Looking More Promising 3

With new-found updates to the PS5 store and other recent moves from Sony, there are signs that fans of the older generation games on PlayStation might be able to play them on the current system.

Fans have been quick to catch that a few PS3 games have begun to appear on the PS5 store recently. Typically, players who had tried to search for PS3 games on the PS5 store would be redirected to an error page on Sony’s cloud-based subscription service, PlayStation Now. However, more PS3 games with prices are populating on the store with two games from the Prince of Persia series and Dead or Alive 5. The games cannot be purchased but can be added to a player’s wishlist for now. This new catch in the store, along with recent updates from Sony, indicate that backwards compatibility on the PS5 might be possible and closer than we think.

Ps5 Backward Compatibility Is Looking More Promising
PlayStation Now

A lot of the increasing signs of backwards compatibility coming to the PlayStation 5 store came from last week’s reports from PS5 system architect, Mark Cerny, who filed a patent on backward compatibility for the console. Along with this news, PlayStation Now subscription cards are no longer being sold in the United Kingdom or United States; this has been a big hint that Sony may be consolidating PlayStation Now into PlayStation Plus.

Gamers always appreciate the idea of backwards compatibility as it allows them to revisit older games but on their new generation consoles. One Twitter user even mentioned after hearing about the latest Sony PS5 news, they “really want all old gow [God of War], rachet [Rachet and Clank], mgs [Metal Gear Solid] games etc.”

The main issue with PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus being separate is that Xbox Game Pass has been a combination of these two PlayStation services put into one (but for Xbox of course). PlayStation Now primarily exists for players who want to play PS2 and PS3 games, but a separate price is paid from PlayStation Plus, which offers free, newer games to players.

Clearly, it makes sense that Xbox Game Pass is doing something right since it not only offers free-to-play new games with its service but access to play Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox releases without any other additional subscription service. If this merger of the PlayStation subscription services occur, it could help put the PS5 back on top of the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, it is too early to bring out the celebration parade for PS5 players, but the signs are looking good right now.

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