PlayStation VR to Support Non-VR Software In Some Form

| November 2, 2015
PlayStation VR to Support Non-VR Software In Some Form 1

There are many things up in the air right now regarding PlayStation VR, but it seems one more piece of the puzzle has come to light. In a panel talking about PlayStation VR, Shuhei Yoshida took some questions about what people should expect regarding system software running on the PlayStation VR.

In a question from the audience regarding if you could use “other features of the PS4” with PlayStation VR, Shuhei Yoshida responded by saying “The hardware team have pretty much completed their work, but the software team are hard at work on those system features. That’s why we are not showing the system UI or the non-VR gaming experience when you have PlayStation VR and that will come soon, in the future.”

This is exciting news, as it will mean in some manner players will be able to access features of the PlayStation from within the PlayStation VR headset. It is unclear how this will all work for the user, although it seems Sony is working that out still.

To watch the full PlayStation VR Panel discussion at #PlayStationPGQ please go here.

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