Pokemon Go Made $14M In Under A Week

| July 12, 2016
Pokemon Go Made $14M In Under A Week 1

Pokemon GO is on track to becoming the surprise hit game of the summer, and the numbers show it. In addition to boosting Nintendo’s stock up 25% last week, Pokemon GO is estimating to generate $14.04 million across mobile devices in just 4 days, according to SuperData Research. In comparison, Pokemon Shuffle, another mobile Pokemon game has made 14.03 million, since its release in August 2015.

This is extremely impressive, and at the same time, not entirely unsurprising. Pokemon has been one of the most widely recognised franchises in the world, recently celebrating its 20th anniversary. The augmented-reality aspect of Pokemon GO gives players the feeling of being a real-life Pokemon trainer. It’s also impressive considering the fact that it has not even gotten an official worldwide release yet, only officially launching in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Pokemon GO‘s worldwide launch is still to be determined, as developer Niantic is working on fixing overloaded servers first.

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