First Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet Set Announced For March 2023

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Silver Tempest’s body hasn’t even cooled, and Crown Zenith has yet to even release, but the Pokémon TCG has unleashed info on Scarlet & Violet’s first set.

Not wasting any time whatsoever on the budding popularity of Scarlet & Violet, the Pokémon Company has pulled back the curtain on the first ever TCG card set featuring the latest generation 9 of mainline Game Freak-developed titles. This is after a rocky video game launch, filled with framerate and general game issues that Nintendo has since apologized for, but hasn’t slowed the meteoric sales numbers.

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It’s also worth mentioning aside from the new Crown Zenith set that releases in January, the TCG Live title is now in its beta stage, and fans of the TCG can grab the app and start battling now. The new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet series, which moves on from the Sword & Shield era, implements a few changes to the game some of which are returning mechanics, and some are brand new such as visuals. These changes are listed below.

Scarlet & Violet Set Changes

  • The border around North American Pokémon Trading Cards will switch from the classic yellow to a silver reminiscent of the Japanese styling, in an attempt to globally unify the game.
  • Trainer card classification, such as Stadium, will now be visible on the upper left hand side of the card instead of upper right.
  • The name of Energy Cards will now be readable at the top of the card, with a new subtype tag for Energy. A prominent Energy symbol will now appear on the bottom right of the cards as well.
  • Expansion tags located in the bottom left corner of Pokémon cards will also be made more prominent for easy sorting and identification.
  • Card pricing will go up by about 17-18%, with $3.99 booster packs becoming $4.49, to adjust for inflation, but to counteract this, each pack will feature three guaranteed foil cards per booster. “Rare” cards and up will all have shiny faces, and packaged boxes like Elite Trainer Boxes will include one more booster pack for consumers.
  • Lastly, the popular EX mechanic will make a return, replacing the V mechanic rules—similarly, if an EX card gets knocked out, two prizes will be taken instead of one.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Scarlet & Violet expansion will release March 31, 2023, following Sword & Shield‘s exciting swan song Crown Zenith, which features new Radiant Charizard artwork and releases January 20, 2023.

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