Portal 2 brings the Turret to the home consumer

| Apr 5, 2011

These deadly robots come in all the fun colors you see here.

Aperture Science is proud to introduce the Turret, the latest consumer innovation in baby home security. Only the patented Aperture Turret uses extra bullet for extra protection, and it’s also got the ammo capacity to fend off even the most persistent home invader. You’ll sleep soundly knowing that junior is safe under the watchful eye of a robot with faulty wiring, and that makes for a very happy family in the morning.

You can go ahead and watch the latest infomercial if you don’t believe me. It’s below, and it also reminds you that Portal 2 will be on store shelves on April 19



Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go buy some stock in Aperture Laboratories.

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