PS4/Vita bundle the obvious choice

| November 22, 2013
PS4/Vita bundle the obvious choice

Remember when Sony made that funny commercial outlining how to borrow a game? Clearly poking fun at the fact that Microsoft complicated this concept with their initial DRM policies. Sony’s $500 PlayStation 4/Vita bundle is giving off that same effect, causing people to basically choose between a $100 Kinect and an identically priced Vita.

If you’re taking time to think about which one to pick you must have a Vita already.

The Kinect is a brilliant piece of technology that seems to have made improvements over it’s older counterpart, but it doesn’t need to be pushed upon consumers. An optional bundle which includes the Kinect would be appreciated, but I would personally take a Vita over a Kinect anyday. However, I would probably buy a $400 Xbox One over the $500 bundle because I’m not that big into handhelds in the first place. It’s going to be interesting watching how consumers react, but if you don’t have a Vita and the unavoidable inclusion of a Kinect bothers you too, this new “Ultimate” bundle is going to be extremely hard to turn down.

The bundle was confirmed today on MCV and is targeted for a holiday release later this year. People who own both consoles can stream PS4 games to their Vita, and Remote Play is something Sony is really trying to push. A £2.5 ($4) million advertising campaign entitled ‘The Best Place to Play,’ will spearhead the Remote Play concept. Tearaway also launches today with the Remote Play functionality.

The PS4 will go on sale next Friday in the UK for £349 while a Vita is around £180.

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