PUBG Reaches 1 Million Players on Xbox One

PUBG Reaches 1 Million Players on Xbox One 1

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has reached one million players on Xbox One just 48 hours after it’s launch on the Xbox One’s Game Preview program, Microsoft announced Friday.

PUBG launched on Xbox One on Dec. 12 as a console launch exclusive. Microsoft originally announced the deal at E3 2017, with Player Unknown himself Brendan Greene announcing the news at Microsoft’s press conference. Developer Bluehole later went back into talks with Microsoft in October to extend the console exclusivity detail beyond the normal three month window for most exclusive deals.

By comparison, PUBG took 16 days from its Early Access launch to sell one million copies on Steam. PUBG rapidly became a phenomenon within a few months of launch, selling two million copies by May, 10 million copies by September and a staggering 20 million copies by November. The battle royale game is currently previewing its second map, Miramar, on test servers on Steam ahead of its version 1.0 release on Dec. 20.

In celebration of PUBG‘s release on Xbox One, Microsoft will be bundling the game with every Xbox One X purchase this holiday season. The deal is available online and through local Microsoft stores from Dec. 17 to Dec. 31.

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