Rainbow Six: Siege Squashes Some Bugs

| Feb 11, 2016

An upcoming patch for Rainbow Six: Siege will be eliminating some nasty bugs as well as making a better overall player experience.

Blitz players will see some much-needed improvements to his shield. At three meters he is now tucked in behind his flash shield much more than before. His head no longer pops out from over the top. Now I can finally start using him without getting destroyed.

PC players will get to see some improvements to the online custom game creation as well as spectator mode. Matches can now be hosted on dedicated servers which will eliminate host power, have better stability and make it more difficult for people to cheat. Spectator mode is to be made available for an 11


player on these dedicated servers as well.

Some exploits have been removed, such as Kapkan creating invisible trip wires, Bandit being able to duplicate batteries and players being able to clip through walls with deployable shields.

Other squished bugs include players not being able to reload or players not being able to stop reloading. Destroyed armoured barricades will appear undamaged by Castle, swapping weapons as Buck will take you out of Skeleton Key mode.

There are several level design bugs, like being able to shoot through a brick wall in the Oregon stage, as well as numerous issues within the new yacht level.

The patch is set to be 1.2 GB and will be out on PC February 11 and on consoles February 16.

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