Razer Announces Budget Friendly BlackWidow Keyboard

| March 24, 2016
Razer Announces Budget Friendly BlackWidow Keyboard

Looking to buy a keyboard, but don’t have the cash to get what you really want? Well, Razer has you covered with its new line, the BlackWidow X.

The best way to imagine this new line is as a “stripped down” design of the original BlackWidow.The most noticeable change is the keyboard’s protective top cover is removed removed, leaving the metal plate underneath exposed. They  still have the customizable light option Chroma available for $159.99, and still comes with a ton of features like individually backlit keys, 80 million keystroke lifespan, and a gaming mode option, to list a few. But if you’re really trying to save, a version without that feature is also available for $99.

The BlackWidow line of keyboards are pretty well known for their quality, but they are a little pricey. So having a budget version of the device will be really nice for all those gamers out there who need to pinch pennies to enjoy their favourite hobby.

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