Razer Announces Advanced Peripherals for Gamers and Frontline Health

| January 12, 2021
Razer Announces Advanced Peripherals for Gamers and Frontline Health 2
Razer’s Project Brooklyn is the company’s next move towards ergonomic gaming chairs, adding functionality and portability for users. They also shifted their focus to health, particularly on its facilities to produce COVID-19 PPE masks and advanced medical equipment for frontline workers.

These particular line of products also accommodate for constricted spaces for every room, while adding hybrid form factors for desktop and portable experiences. Haptic feedback was also a pain point for Razer, taking notes from Sony’s DualSense in products like gaming chairs. Its Project Brooklyn would integrate the all-in-one gaming chair with a screen which surrounds users.

The station would also be used seamlessly for work and fully-immersive gameplay with a 60-inch OLED screen in a panoramic fashion. The screen is also retractable back into Brooklyn’s chair when finished, while the flexible table can do the same. Its Hypersense technology would add 3D audio and haptic touch feedback to give sensations for players, down to subtle vibrations when running through game maps. Its lumbar and back pads would also provide players with an all-day comfort while deepening the immersion.

Razer Announces Advanced Peripherals For Gamers And Frontline Health
Project Brooklyn

Project Hazel is the company’s “smartest mask” to add comfort and safety. The “smart pods” offer a rechargeable N95 filtration system to regulate airflow without losing protection against COVID-19 droplets. The masks also come in a clear plastic design for others to read speech and other verbal communication. A low light mode illuminates a wearer’s mouth at night. Additional room gives room for a microphone, enhancing natural speech without mumbling sounds from wearing a regular mask.

Hazel also comes with a UV sterilization docking station which also recharges the mask itself. The entire case can also be carried for travel. Other accessories include adjustable ear loops to fit various sizes. An airtight seal of course keeps particles out to ensure adequate security in critical front lines. More importantly, Razer’s “Smart Mask” is integrated with its own Chroma RGB system and illuminates rings around its air filters.

The PPE will first be produced across 2021 after the prototypes are further worked on while Project Brooklyn’s concepts are still in development.

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