Razer Reveals Kraken X Headphones For Ultra-Light Comfort

Today, Razer is coming out with the Kraken X headphones, a lighter redesign of the classic Kraken.

Built for long-term gaming sessions, these wired headphones weigh 250 grams or 0.55 lbs. Paired with soft memory foam ear cushions, glasses-friendly eyewear channels, and an adjustable headband, the Kraken X is one of the lightest and most comfortable headsets available.

The Kraken X headset will also feature 7.1 surround sound instead of stereo audio seen on competing budget-friendly gaming headsets. Presenting a competitive advantage, the 7.1 surround sound software provides accurate positional audio in the middle of battle. Also, going forward in 2019, all of Razer’s headsets under $99 USD will support 7.1 surround sound. THX Spatial Audio, premium audio technology with a full suite of audio customization and microphone enhancement features, will also be available for headsets priced at and above $99USD.

“The Kraken X is great for any gamer,” says Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Peripherals at Razer. “It’s ultra-light and incredibly comfortable, so you can game for hours with it. It is the companion of choice for domination and immersion in your game with 7.1 surround sound.”

The Kraken X is built with a bendable cardioid microphone. Its tight pickup pattern suppresses noise from the back and sides so your voice will always sound crystal clear to your teammates. A microphone mute switch and volume controls can be found on the earcup for easy access.

Gamers can enjoy the Kraken X headset across devices. It uses the universal 3.5mm connection that is compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The Razer Kraken X and Razer Kraken X for Console is available today at $49.99 USD/€59.99 MSRP from the Razer website.

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