Resident Evil 6 will be “different”

| Apr 21, 2011
Resident Evil 6 will be "different"

Capcom is promising big changes for the next Resident Evil.

Resident Evil 6 will be “different,” according Capcom producer Masachika Kawata. In the latest issue of the Spanish gaming magazine MarcaPlayer the exec promises that the next game in the survival horror series will be a “complete renovation.”

“The series will see a complete renovation with the next entry on every level. But we can’t forget about all the previous entries that have led to the creation of many possibilities for the franchise,” said Kawata. “I can’t say if we’re going to make it (Resident Evil 6) survival horror or a shooter, but I can say that it’ll be totally different.”

Some of the more die hard Resident Evil fans might be a bit put off by a “complete renovation,” although it could be just what the franchise needs. The gameplay overhaul in Resident Evil 4 made for one of the best games in the series, but the franchise has since lost focus so hopefully Resident Evil 6 can put Capcom back on track.

Source: CVG

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