RETRO VGS Kickstarter Date Announced

| August 13, 2015
RETRO VGS Kickstarter Date Announced - 2015-08-13 11:11:49

Save the date classic gamers, RETRO announced they’re going to Kickstarter during the week of September 14 to fund the RETRO VGS.

The magazine publisher turned console manufacturer has teased its intention to go to the crowd-funding site with posts of different consoles series for backers, and tons of games ready for launch. In an email interview from last month, RETRO founder stated they intend to have 15 to 20 games announced for their campaign.

The Retro VGS is a classic styled console with a modern twist. New indie games, along with classic titles and sequels to the games of yesteryear will have a new home with physical media. The intention for the console is to use a field programmable gate array (FPGA) and an advanced RISC Machines processor ARM to essentially play games in any style from 16-32 bits. There are four controller ports, two nine pin like the Sega Genesis and two USB so you don’t have to play alone. There won’t be any internet connectivity though, but that means there won’t be any updates.

We’ve kept track of this upcoming console, so it’s exciting to see an actual date confirmed from the company itself. If you dig classic games, this might be the best modern equivalent you can find.

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