Rihanna Pratchett to Work on Script for Musical Action-Adventure Game

| Jun 19, 2013
Rihanna Pratchett to Work on Script for Musical Action-Adventure Game - 2013-06-19 15:06:55

Rihanna Pratchett will be collaborating with German independent studio Threaks with scriptwriting for the studio’s musical action-adventure game, Beatbuddy.

According to Polygon, the award-winning writer—with titles such as March’s Tomb Raider reboot, Heavenly Sword and Mirror’s Edge under her belt—will assist in fleshing out the script and storyline for Beatbuddy. Austin Wintory, a friend of Pratchett’s and Journey composer, introduced Pratchett to this task.

Pratchett commented in a press statement about her new role: “No matter what you’ve written in the past, it’s the challenges and the people you work with who really matter. I cut my teeth on smaller indie titles, so it’s great to do more work in that space again with the Threaks team.”

Threak’s art director Denis Rogic says his team was hesitant to contact Pratchett last year, mainly because they thought she was preoccupied with other projects, and more importantly, indie projects might not be of interest to her.

“It turned out that it was exactly the kind of thing she was looking for,” Rogic says. “It’s truly amazing knowing that we have Austin Wintory and Rhianna Pratchett providing their talents to our game.”

Beatbuddy would allow players to navigate across through numerous environments, encounter unique creatures and solve puzzles along the way. Simultaneously, players can interact with and impact each level’s musical score. This symbiotic relationship is made possible through Threak’s sound software, enabling synchronization between animations and music. Catch Beatbuddy on Windows PC, Mac and Linux later this year.

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