Roblox Developers Open Their Own Studio

Roblox Developers Open Their Own Studio

The developers behind the biggest game on Roblox, Adopt Me, have officially opened their own studio to further support Adopt Me and work on other, unannounced projects.

The Roblox community is a vibrant place filled with many fun games to play, and the talented developers behind the most popular game on the platform, Adopt Me, have just opened their own independent game studio called Uplift Games, which will continue to support Adopt Me while also working on new original projects yet to be announced.

This news comes by way of a press release from Uplift Games, announcing the new studio and what the future will hold for them going forward. “Originally founded by two talented Roblox developers, the team has now expanded to a 40-strong game studio, including a mix of experienced Roblox creators and veteran developers”. Adopt Me is currently the most played game on the platform, “with over 22 billion visits to date” since it first released, and just this past April broke records for co-current players on Roblox with 1.92 million players this past month.

The team released a video all about the new studio, which you can watch here:

YouTube video

Adopt Me is a game within Roblox where players can explore a magical world full of friendly, cute pets that can be traded and cared for as you build your own house, interact with friends and enjoy a fun, family-friendly experience. That same theme of love and care within the game is also being translated to how the studio will look to operate, focusing on the well being of their now 40-developer strong team and a remote working set up of diverse team members from across the world.

Josh Ling, the director of business operations at Uplift Games reiterated this in the press release, saying “We are a small, growing studio serving millions of players and the 40 people who work here. We aren’t perfect, but will strive every day to create the sort of studio we always wished we could work for. Uplift Games is a place where great successful games can be made by people who live happy and healthy lives”.

There was no word as to when we’ll be hearing more from Uplift Games, and what their unannounced project will be, so stay tuned to CGM for more.

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