ROCCAT Reveals New Keyboards—Magma and Pyro

| May 4, 2021
ROCCAT Reveals Two New Keyboards—Pyro and Magma 1

ROCCAT is continuing to show off its 2021 lineup of PC gaming hardware, this time around with the Pyro and Magma RGB keyboards.

Following the reveal of their newest mice, the Kone Pro and Kone Pro Air, ROCCAT continues to show what it will have available for 2021, now showing off a pair of new RGB gaming keyboards—the ROCCAT Magma and ROCCAT Pyro. Similar to the Vulcan series, these new pieces of PC gaming hardware will release on May 30th for $59.99 USD and $99.99 USD, respectively.

Following suit with previously released keyboards, these new units feature detachable palm rests, media controls, ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift technology, and transparent keys for a maximized RGB experience.

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The additional features included in the Magma are a fully-illuminated top plate which figures to make the RGB-AIMO lighting experience even more spectacular than what was previously on offer with the Vulcan.

“With Magma, we’re redefining membrane keyboards while pushing the boundaries of keyboard illumination yet again,” said René Korte—ROCCAT Founder. “With the Vulcan series, we had already evolved the RGB experience by mounting transparent key housings to mechanical keyboards. With Magma, we made the whole plate transparent to push the AIMO lighting to its full potential. It looks like nothing else out there and it’s affordable for gamers who want to show off their RGB gaming setup.”

The ROCCAT Pyro takes things in a different direction from the Vulcan, with a more rounded design, an attached palm rest, a premium brushed metal top plate, TTC’s linear (red) switches with a 2.0mm actuation point, 45g operating force, and a total travel distance of 4.0mm for a keystroke.

The Pyro’s switches are tested to 50 million keystrokes lifetime for a responsive and durable gaming experience. Advanced anti-ghosting technology also ensures all simultaneously pressed keys are registered.

Each represents a totally-affordable variant for those money-conscious gamers looking for elegant design for the right price.

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