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The PC gaming market is always a tricky one to navigate when it comes to buying peripherals for your setup. When it comes to keyboards, there are different types of key switches, keyboard layouts, wired vs. wireless, lighting options, and even the choice between full-size or 60% compact keyboards. ROCCAT’s new Magma Mini keyboard is aimed at the gaming market and offers a minimalist size to provide extra space for larger mouse movements. But in an industry that seems to be flooded with more and more options, does the Magma Mini keyboard have what it takes to melt away the competition?

Measuring just over 12″ x 5″, the ROCCAT Magma Mini keyboard’s compact size is sure to fit easily into any desk setup, leaving plenty of room for joysticks, gaming mice, and other peripherals on your desk. This is particularly useful for games such as Fortnite, APEX Legends or even Minecraft, where significant mouse movements are required to view and complete various tasks.

For a more ergonomic typing experience, the Magma Mini offers 2 different height settings to suit your needs. Right-handed users will probably appreciate that ROCCAT has moved the keyboard cable to the left, making cable management easier and preventing the cable from potentially interfering with mouse operation. I found that the Magma Mini keyboard almost disappeared on my desk due to its size compared to all the other equipment I use on my desk.

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Looking at the layout of the Magma Mini keyboard, users of full-sized keyboards will immediately notice that the function key row and arrow keys are integrated into other keys on the keyboard. Personally, as someone who uses these keys regularly, I found this rather irritating and a little difficult to get used to. Functions such as Alt F4 require you to press three separate keys to enter the command.

Arrow keys require the FN key on the bottom right of the keyboard to be pressed, which I found often slowed me down considerably. It also made some of the games I played much more difficult. A great addition that ROCCAT has made, however, is the inclusion of several hotkeys to control functions such as computer volume, media playback controls, and keyboard backlighting. Intense gamers and media producers will be pleased to hear that ROCCAT also allows users to set various macros to enhance their experience further.

“Typing on the Magma Mini keyboard, with its membrane keys, was quiet compared to mechanical switch keyboards.”

One feature that I think almost every user will appreciate, whether you are a sweaty gamer or just a regular user with a pet that has a habit of knocking over drinks, is ROCCAT’s decision to certify the Magma Mini to IP33. This won’t allow you to take the keyboard into the shower, but it should be enough protection for life’s little accidents at your desk. While I have not put this to the test, it is at least reassuring to know that should an incident occur, I should be able to continue using my keyboard as normal.

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Typing on the Magma Mini keyboard, with its membrane keys, was quiet compared to mechanical switch keyboards. However, the keys did feel as though they required a bit more force when pressed. This may be due to the membrane being stiffer when new and may change after extended use. I often found that during extended typing sessions, such as typing emails, sending messages to friends or family via social media, etc., my hands often tired after a shorter period of time compared to my laptop or other keyboards I have used.

Despite the fatigue, the overall typing experience was quite comfortable. The keys themselves were well-balanced on all edges and did not feel mushy or result in missed keystrokes. During various gaming sessions, the overall experience was very enjoyable once I was able to properly map my keys to the layout of the keyboard.

Of course, you can’t talk about an RGB gaming keyboard without talking about its lighting options. ROCCAT has packed the Magma Mini with five zones of RGB lighting with several different patterns and lighting options to satisfy most gamers. The lighting on the Magma Mini can be very intense, subtle and a handful of options in between. For those times when you don’t want to spew unicorn vomit all over your desk, the lighting can be turned off to give your eyes a break or to look more professional in an office environment. The lighting options can be tweaked using the ROCCAT Swarm software available on the ROCCAT website.

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All in all, I feel ROCCAT has delivered a very compelling option for gamers who are looking for a minimalist-sized keyboard that delivers features, comfort, and even RGB lighting with their new Magma Mini keyboard. With a bit of practice and adapting to the various key combinations needed to perform various functions, users can expect a great gaming experience or even typing session after getting used to the initial stiffness of the keys. I find the ROCCAT Magma Mini not only looks good in my current gaming setup but performs well enough to earn a recommendation from me, despite my minor gripes.

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