Corsair K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Corsair K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

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I will be honest, I did not know what to think of the Corsair K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Keyboard when I first unboxed it. I am used to big, heavy, gaming keyboards that let you know you hit every keystroke. The Corsair K100 AIR, on the other hand, brought a thin and light design that felt notably different when you first set it up. Then I used it for a few weeks, and I honestly found it hard to go back. 

When I first set up the CORSAIR K100 AIR, I was amazed by how good it felt, even with its shockingly thin design. Before we go on, it is worth noting how thin the K100 Air actually is. It boasts an impressive 17 mm thickness at the back, tapering to only 11 mm at the front, all while delivering superior responsiveness and precision. You can adjust the height of the board to two different levels, thanks to the two feet underneath it. On top of the board, you’ll find an inset USB-C port, a power switch, and a dedicated place to store the USB dongle when not in use. 

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The tactile CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical key switches require just 0.8 of actuation force for maximum speed and efficiency. Get ready to experience a keystroke that’s both incredibly responsive and gratifying. While it may not offer the same key travel you can find on a big keyboard, it still delivers a responsive and satisfying click that gamers crave.  

With this being a premium keyboard, Corsair managed to pack a range of wireless connection options at your disposal with the CORSAIR K100 AIR. Easily switch between SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, low-latency Bluetooth, and Corsair’s Slipstream 2.4GHz technology to connect up to three devices—all with impressive speeds of up to 2,000 Hz. That’s twice as fast as most wired gaming keyboards and compatible with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 5

“If you loved what Corsair delivered with the K70 RGB Pro, the K100 AIR brings everything that flagship keyboard did in an extra slim package.”

Corsair claims you can enjoy up to 50 hours of battery life with this keyboard and an incredible 200 hours when you turn off the RGB lighting, and through our testing, I am inclined to believe them. I was shocked at how long the battery lasted on a single charge. Even with the RGB going strong for much of our early tests, we only had to charge the K100 AIR after our initial charge. If you want to brave a less robust battery life for a bit of flair, you’ll have full control over the RGB lighting effects, allowing you to run up to 20 complex hardware RGB lighting layers at once—a great way to personalize your setup. 

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You can take your gaming experience to the next level with the CORSAIR iCUE software. Unlock dynamic wireless RGB control, remap keys, program macros and synchronize with other CORSAIR RGB elements for a truly immersive experience. While I am never a fan of adding more software to my PC, iCUE was relatively painless to install and made it easy to optimize both your performance and appearance. 

You won’t be missing out on much when you choose the Corsair K100 Air over its full-size counterpart. It has the same AXON processor, a powerful CPU that is great for creating custom lighting effects with up to 20 layers. And with 8 MB of onboard storage, you can store up to 50 profiles of your keymaps and effects. This means you’ll get lightning-fast response times, along with all the customizability you need in a svelte chassis. 

“For those that feel the thin design is worth the cost, the CORSAIR K100 AIR is a treat to use and enjoy.”

Corsair’s K100 AIR wireless keyboard is designed to keep up with your skills by using cutting-edge technology to offer superior polling rates of up to 8,000Hz over a 2.4GHz connection—a dramatic improvement on the 500Hz to 1,000Hz offered by most wireless gaming keyboards. Not only can you stay connected without wires, but you can also enjoy added security with 128-bit encryption. This is typically seen in productivity keyboards, and it’s an awesome bonus for gamers who want only the best.  

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If you loved what Corsair delivered with the K70 RGB Pro, the Corsair K100 AIR brings everything that flagship keyboard did in an extra slim package. Sadly that thinness comes with a bonus $100 extra cost over its bigger brother and will set you back a staggering $279. Corsair is clearly positioning this as an ultra-premium offering, one that could be hard to justify for people that just want a keyboard for their gaming setup.  

For those that feel the thin design is worth the cost, the CORSAIR K100 AIR is a treat to use and enjoy. Corsair has packed everything a gamer could want from a keyboard into this incredibly slim body, and it does it all while being comfortable to use and game with. Corsair has delivered one of the best thin keyboards I have ever used, and if it were not for the price, this would be a must-own option for anyone then wants to live a bit more minimal-looking PC existence.  

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Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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