CORSAIR Announces Impossibly Thin K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR Announces K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 1

CORSAIR announced the availability of the incredibly thin CORSAIR K100 AIR Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

CORSAIR claims that their new keyboard, K100 AIR is focused on cutting-edge gaming performance and daily productivity equipment for gamers and content creators. It also takes pride in its shockingly thin design and additional wireless functions, which the company hopes will live up to the hype.

The K100 AIR is by far the thinnest gaming keyboard available on the CORSAIR site clocking in at an 17mm towards the back and tapers to just 11mm at the front. The keyboard is said to use Tactile CHERRY MX Ultra Low Profile mechanical key switches, which have been shown to produce a keystroke that is incredibly responsive and gratifying with an actuation force of just 0.8, perfect for anyone who can’t afford to lose the extra second. 

According to CORSAIR, the K100 AIR has a variety of wireless connectivity options that you can switch between as needed. Users can choose to use SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS or low-latency Bluetooth on up to three devices. It also supports Corsair’s Slipstream 2.4GHz technology, enabling wireless connection speeds of up to 2,000 Hz, which is twice as fast as most wired gaming keyboards and compatible with both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 5.

Corsair Announces K100 Air Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair claims that the battery life comes up to approximately 50 hours of runtime, turns RGB off and that jumps up to 200 hours. Lighting is said to be a particular treat with this keyboard, with the user gaining full control over the RGB lighting effects, running up to 20 complex hardware RGB lighting layers all at the same time, a fun way to customize. 

But CORSAIR promises additional ways to customize with CORSAIR iCUE, a software they state allows you the authority to unlock dynamic wireless RGB control, as well as key remaps, macros programming, and synchronization with the rest of your CORSAIR RGB setup. Seemingly allowing users to fully immerse themselves in both the aesthetic and performance of their gameplay.

Corsair has produced something truly unique and although there may be room for development in the future, Corsair still executed the thinnest mechanical gaming keyboard successfully. If you like chiclet-style keys and neat mechanical typing, this is a great option for you.

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