Rockstar gets literary with L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories

Rockstar gets literary with L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories

Eight short stories will add to the universe of L.A. Noire.

Rockstar Games is partnering with Mulholland Books, a subsidiary of Little, Brown and Company, to publish “L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories,” a series of eight short stories from notable writers in the thriller genre. The new eBook will revisit characters and cases featured in the L.A. Noire game, and will give fans a new perspective on a corrupt Hollywood in the hard-boiled 1940s.

“L.A. Noire draws on a rich history of not just film, but also great crime literature for inspiration,” said Rockstar founder Sam Houser. “Using the game’s world as a springboard, we worked with the genre’s best writers to create stories that lived up to the finest traditions of crime fiction.”

“The possibilities for cross-promotions of this nature, encouraging gamers to read and readers to play games are huge,” added Michael Pietsch, Publisher of Little, Brown and Company. “We’re looking forward to a new frontier of book publishing possibilities and see Rockstar as an ideal partner.”

Personally, I’m not sure if I’ll read the stories, but I have to give Rockstar credit for working to expand the gaming audience. The promotional push for L.A. Noire has already taken the game to the Tribeca Film Festival and The Collected Stories should only increase the amount of cultural buzz surrounding the upcoming thriller.

An excerpt from Megan Abbot’s ‘The Girl’ is now available at Rockstar’s official website. “L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories” includes additional tales by Lawrence Block, Joe Lansdale, Joyce Carol Oates, Francine Prose, Jonathan Santlofer, Duane Swierczynski and Andrew Vachss. The collection will be available as a digital download on June 6


through all of the usual eBook outlets.

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