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L.A. Noire Review (Switch) 4

L.A. Noire Review (Switch)

 |  Phil Brown
L.A. Noire may not have sold in big numbers when it was released in 2011, but it made a mark. Using what was at the time fairly ground-breaking motion capture technology for facial animations, the game was a milestone for allowing actors to become a vital part of the storytelling process in gaming. Sure the […]
Life After L.A. Noire: Two Team Bondi Staff Form Indie Studio

Life After L.A. Noire: Two Team Bondi Staff Form Indie Studio

 |  Raynika Awotwi
A duo of former Team Bondi employees formed today Intuitive Game Studios, an independent studio based in Sydney, Australia.

I’ve tried, but I just can’t fail at L.A. Noire

 |  Eric Weiss
In my L.A. Noire, Cole Phelps is the super detective you read about in the papers. He looks great in a suit, he always gets his man, and – more importantly – he’s able to go back and recreate history whenever he does something wrong.

The Rockstar Pass is your ticket to L.A. Noire DLC

 |  Eric Weiss
The studio is giving you a chance to grab the pre-order incentives you might have missed.

Rockstar would consider a gun free future

 |  Steven Loung
The studio’s experience with L.A. Noire has Rockstar thinking about a game without guns.

Rockstar gets literary with L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories

 |  Eric Weiss
Eight short stories will add to the universe of L.A. Noire.

L.A. Noire will let you skip the hard parts

 |  Todd Campbell
The gunfights will be optional in the upcoming detective thriller.

Trailers: “Rising Through the Ranks” in L.A. Noire

 |  Eric Weiss
The latest in the L.A. Noire gameplay series lets you replay missions over and over and over again.

Rockstar rolls out a corrupt L.A. Noire trailer

 |  Eric Weiss
Even the LAPD has a dark side in the latest L.A. Noire teaser.

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