Rodea The Sky Soldier Coming to North America

| March 4, 2015

NIS America announced the Wii version of Rodea the Sky Soldier will be packed in with the Wii U version.

The story behind this game is kind of interesting. NIS developed the game and finished it, but for whatever reasons the title never launched. Two weeks ago they revealed a new entry in the series and announced the unreleased Wii game would come with the Japanese copies. But there was no word on it would be packed in with North American releases. Now, NIS America has cleared the air.

This is kind of cool news if you’re interested in Yuji Naka’s newest game. It looks kind of like NiGHTS, another Naka classic, so it might be easy to draw comparisons. That will come with some big expectations, but hopefully it can hold up on it’s own.

The game is set for a

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