Rumour: The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Release Date Leaked

| April 13, 2016
Rumour: The Witcher III: Blood and Wine Release Date Leaked

The release date for the Blood and Wine DLC for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may have been revealed by one of Poland’s biggest gaming sites, GRYOnline. According to the site, Blood and Wine has an expected release date of June 7, 2016.

The Polish site posted that Blood and Wine will tell a 20-hour story that takes place in the brand new region of Toussaint.

The admins of GRYOnline quickly deleted the post, but no one hides from the Internet – Many people saved and translated the Polish post, which contained the following information about Blood and Wine:

  • Minimal level for the DLC is 40, and the events can be started before or after the main game.
  • There will be a showcase of, an important for the plot, the Wolf Brotherhood. In the expansion we will have 3 endings – one will be a secret, unlocked only after completing a certain aspect in the story.
  • The creators have prepared a new “Sword of Bones”, that probably will be connected to the mentioned Brotherhood.
  • We will have a NPC that will be changing the colour of his armour. We will encounter such a NPC in every bigger area.
  • The studio has created 4 new skills for Combat/ Alchemy / Signs, 12 general skills and 3 slots for skills and one for a mutagen.
  • Apparently we will have an option of improving the sets.
  • The map is still being developed and it will cover about 75% of Novigrad / Velen, but probably the expansion’s location will be bigger on the release.
  • New general and combat animations.
  • Large changes in playthrough balance (game balance).
  • Heliotrope Sign is coming back, but it will have a slightly different meaning than in Witcher 2.
  • The studio has prepared several interesting boss encounters, but we will duel the toughest boss in the history of the Witcher games at the end of the expansion.
  • New locations is the graphically most amazing area so far. The creators have used special technology prepared specifically for Toussaint.
  • New camera settings.
  • The developers are working on first-person perspective.
  • The expansion is said to debute in the beginning of June [2016]. The creators are still working on the DLC, but the works are said to be finished by the end of April [2016]. We will see a fragment of the gameplay in May [2016].

The release date, as well as details of the new DLC are currently unconfirmed. If GRYOnline’s post is to be believed, we will find out more about Blood and Wine next month in a gameplay trailer.

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