Ryan Reynolds’ Opening Big Production Company In Canada

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As an actor that has always flaunted their Canadian roots, Ryan Reynolds announced a new Maximum Effort production company hub stationed in Canada.

Ryan Reynolds is famous for many things. From being the lead actor behind the merc-with-a-mouth, Deadpool, to being a co-owner of the Wrexham FC club for the upcoming season (which also developed a Documentary series, Welcome to Wrexham).

But more recently, he’s been seen in many TV ads that his production company Maximum Effort produces. That production company has now been confirmed to develop a base of operations in Canada, a production hub in a 1.2 million-square-foot studio being built in Markham, just outside of Toronto, Canada, as reported by Variety.

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Ryan Reynolds said, “Maximum Effort has grown in ways and directions we could never have imagined,” with “Launching a fund and building a 1.2 million square foot studio facility in Ontario is both amazing and humbling. Regardless, I’m excited to expand our storytelling capabilities in new directions and bring more production work to Ontario,” regarding the new studio facility.

Maximum Effort isn’t just known for the more outlandish commercials starring Ryan Reynolds; Reynolds co-founded the production company and runs it with George Dewey. They have many notable credits together, including Free Guy, Welcome to Wrexham and The Adam Project. Variety mentions that “the studio is one of the first projects for a $1.5 billion private equity fund that will focus on real estate, sports, media and venture capital,” which sounds like this could be the first of many expansions the Ryan Reynolds Maximum Effort production company will make.

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Recently, his latest business venture, Mint Mobile, has been purchased by T-Mobile for a massive sum, solidifying Reynolds’ status as a titan of the industry. Mint Mobile, a low-cost mobile service provider, has become incredibly popular in recent years due to its affordable rates and high-quality service. With T-Mobile now acquiring the company, Reynolds has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible in the world of business and entertainment.

Reynolds is clearly not content with simply resting on his laurels. From the recent sale of Mint Mobile, to this new production hub show, he has no intention of slowing down and will continue to innovate, create and disrupt the status quo. This new studio space looks to continue the trend, bringing new opportunities for Canada and the ever-growing film industry.

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