Samsung Files Patent for Phone with Edge to Edge Display

| Jan 18, 2018
Samsung Files Patent for Phone with Edge to Edge Display 1

A new patent by Samsung suggests that their future phones could have speakers and sensors built directly into the phone’s screen.

The main patent shows a Samsung Galaxy style phone with edge to edge display and no  notch whatsoever. Instead features strategically placed camera holes directly on the phone’s screen as well as speakers and facial sensors.

This notchless design differs significantly from Samsung’s biggest competition, the Iphone-X, which features a notch at the top of the screen that holds the camera and sensors. The patent shows images taking up the whole front end of the phone and even adjusting around the camera and sensors.

It could open up new possibilities in the field of facial detection , as having sensors on the actual phone could create more accurate readings. Another aspect to note is that this new patent could make watching videos more immersive with the edge to edge display and built in speakers.

Also interesting to note, is that one of the images in the patent shows a slightly modified version that utilizes a small notch for the cameras. It’s unclear whether or not the patent will amount to anything but it’s clear that reducing notches and maximizing screen space is very much front and centre in the phone business today.

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