The Samsung Gaming Hub Brings Game Streaming to TVs Without the Need for a Console

The Huge Samsung Gaming Hub Sees TVs & Gaming

Expanding on the previous news presented at Summer Games Fest 2022, Samsung has finally revealed their next plans, the Samsung Gaming Hub.

It was a harrowing revelation back during the vicious Apple vs. Epic Games trial, when Xbox Vice President of Business Development, Lori Wright stated “We sell the consoles at a loss,” followed by an echoing “no” when being further asked if Xbox had EVER earned a profit on a console sale. This is what makes Samsung’s newest Samsung Gaming Hub such a haven for the Xbox App.

The Huge Samsung Gaming Hub Sees Tvs &Amp; Xbox Work Without The Need For Consoles

In the first ever partnership of its kind, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to bring the juggernaut Xbox App to the newly announced Samsung Gaming Hub. First off, the new Gaming Hub is the world’s first ever smart TV platform to include the app, and aims to be a huge new service made available on the 2022 Samsung smart TV series including the Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLEDs, and of course, their smart monitor series.

The partnership isn’t just limited to Xbox either. The Samsung Gaming Hub will allow players to “instantly access the games they love from industry-leading partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik, and coming soon, Amazon Luna in addition to their gaming consoles and PC, all in one convenient place.”

Samsung Gaming Hub users will be able to seamlessly stream 100’s of highly regarded titles, such as Forza Horizon 5, and other Xbox published titles without the need for consoles. Xbox Game Studios published titles will also come to the service, seeing as how quality titles have been dropping onto Game Pass on their first day of release.

The Huge Samsung Gaming Hub Sees Tvs &Amp; Xbox Work Without The Need For Consoles
Now Coming To TVs

President and Head of the Service Business Team at Samsung Electronics, Won-Jin Lee said “We are excited to deepen our partnership with Xbox by adding the Xbox app to Samsung Gaming Hub, which now gives Samsung Smart TV users access to hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games. With the same ease that our customers watch live sports and stream movies on Samsung Neo QLEDs and QLEDs, they can now play their favourite games,” regarding gaming’s new power couple.

CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer compounded that notion with “We’re on a quest to bring the joy and community of gaming to everyone on the planet, and bringing the Xbox app to smart TVs is another step in making our vision a reality.”

Other companies, like Utomik, are just as excited about the Hub. Utomik CEO, Doki Tops said: “With the Early Access release of Utomik Cloud, we made a first step into cloud gaming and pursuing our mission to give everyone a taste of gaming, starting by bringing Utomik to smart TVs. This is not just for gamers: we’re also opening up opportunities for smaller developers by highlighting indie gems in our TV games lineup alongside the big titles that everyone knows and loves!”

Fans who have already grabbed hold of one of Samsung’s new high technology smart TVs or displays may not even have to wait much longer, as the Samsung Gaming Hub goes live as early as today in select regions, and will expand globally as time wears on. Fans excited about this news and want to read more about it should visit the Samsung Gaming Hub site for more info.

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