Metroid Samus Returns Limited Edition New 3DS Announced

Metroid Samus Returns Limited Edition New 3DS Announced

Nintendo has announced that Metroid Samus Returns on 3DS will be getting the special New 3DS treatment, via a new limited edition Metroid-themed unit.

The Samus-themed New Nintendo 3DS will be available on September 15 2017, alongside the release of Metroid Samus Returns. The unit itself is a nice blend of orange and yellow, reminiscent of Samus’ iconic Varia suit colour scheme. The top shell of the device is orange with a subtle geometric cube like pattern, featuring a prominent rendition of Samus in her Metroid Prime-inspired stance. The bottom half of the unit—like the top—mirrors the geometric design, but in a bright yellow pallete with Samus replaced by an S-mark emblem in the centre, just on top of the New Nintendo 3DS logo.

Metroid Samus Returns Limited Edition New 3Ds Announced

Overall, the upcoming limited edition handheld looks rather nice, and it also holds the honour of being the first Metroid-themed limited edition console release since 2004’s limited edition Metroid Prime-themed Gamecube, which featured a Metroid top “disc” cover.

In terms of price, the limited Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS should retail for the standard $239.99 CAD, $200.00USD, although Nintendo currently hasn’t released an official statement regarding the matter. It is also unclear whether the new limited edition 3DS will include a copy of the actual Metroid Samus Returns game, which going by some of Nintendo’s other limited edition 3DS system releases may be unlikely, at least for North American markets.

Additionally, those looking to purchase the upcoming limited edition unit should be aware that it will not include an AC adapter, which has been standard practice for Nintendo since the introduction of the New 3DS family of handhelds.

Currently the new limited edition Metroid Samus Returns system is not up for pre-order, however fans looking to grab one should check Nintendo’s official website for the upcoming title, which went live Monday.

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