Scarecrow is back in latest Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

| May 21, 2014
Scarecrow is back in latest Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - 2014-05-21 15:19:30

Who is ready for some dark and gritty Batman action? No, the new Batman Vs. Superman film has not released anything, but what we do have is a look at the gameplay of Batman: Arkham Knight.The latest trailer shows off the dark and brooding world we have come to expect from the Rocksteady Batman games, only this time with a layer of polish only the Next Generation of consoles can allow. Coming out exclusively for the PS4, XBox One and the Windows PC means Rocksteady can spend some real time ensuring the visuals are truly stunning. Now we have a while to wait until the game comes out, but this trailer should wet your appetite and give you all a taste of what you can expect.  The trailer also gives a hint of the Batmobile along with what Batman is up against. can someone say Scarecrow? Give it a watch and let us know what you think! Will this be a must own game for your next gen library!

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