Secretlab Expanding MAGNUS Metal Desk With New Accessories

Secretlab Expanding MAGNUS Metal Desk With New Accessories 6

Secretlab is expanding its Secret MAGNUS Metal Desk line that launched last year with new additions including an RGB smart lighting strip co-developed with Nanoleaf.

According to Secretlab, the MAGRB Diffused LED Strip supports over 16 million colours and can be connected through the Nanoleaf app. The Diffused LED Strip can be paired with the full range of Nanoleaf products via the app, and there are also new Secretlab-exclusive presets that come with the strip, so its owners will most likely have a blast discovering all of them.

Secretlab Expanding Magnus Metal Desk With New Accessories 4
MAGRB Diffused LED Strip

On top of all that, Secretlab has also created the L-Shaped Desk Extension for those wanting extra space for their gaming or editing setup, as well as a new Black variant for the MAGPAD and cable anchors that give a clean and sleek look to it all. “A few words came to mind when describing the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk. Elegant. Understated. Modern. But we also built it to be supremely functional, combining gamers’ obsession with raw performance with a clean and versatile aesthetic that fits into any space,” said the Head of Industrial Design and Product Development at Secretlab, Vincent Sin.

Vincent also provided some details on how the Secretlab MAGRB will provide LED lighting for the player’s streaming needs. “The Secretlab MAGRB Diffused LED Strip plugs into your Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk into Nanoleaf’s expansive smart lighting ecosystem. Light up your desk in sync with the rest of Nanoleaf’s RGB lighting products through the Nanoleaf app to experience unrivalled work, entertainment, and gaming immersion.” These two, when used in a pair, will also create an ambient experience with 123 individually addressable LED’s with support for over 16 million colours, along with custom scenes and lighting presets.

Secretlab Expanding Magnus Metal Desk With New Accessories 5

For those worried about the installation process, they can rest easy knowing that the Diffused LED Strip is designed to be compatible with Google Home and Apple Homekit. It also has a built-in magnetic base so installation shouldn’t be too hard provided you remembered to follow the instructions.

With Twitch viewership increasing significantly due to everyone having to stay some because of the pandemic, there will most likely be streamers looking to get a hold of this new lighting and desk tech. However, it remains to be seen if the world opening up more will have an effect on its sales, but at least those that do get it will be well lit and comfortable.

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