A Sequel to Terraria is Being Made

| Oct 3, 2013
A Sequel to Terraria is Being Made 1

The indie hit, Terraria, has a sequel in development.

In an interview with Rock.Paper.Shotgun, Andrew Spinks, the developer behind Terraria, says ““I’m super excited about starting Terraria 2. It’s a ways out, but it’s gonna have a lot in common with the original. It’s gonna be quite different as well. I really want to expand on the whole Terraria universe.”

Spinks went on to say that he hopes that “in Terraria 2,  I really want to have infinite worlds. You can travel anywhere.

He also talked about the notion of moving on from one game to another, saying “It’s a tricky question, though. When do you stop working on one game and start working on something new? I honestly have no idea. Right now, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Everyone on my team is really enjoying working on Terraria 1. But I have looked into maybe hiring another small team to continue updates while I move onto Terraria 2. So that’s also an option.”

Terraria is an action-adventure game, in the same vein as Metroid or Minecraft due to its focus on exploration.

The game also received a free patch this week, adding over 700 new additions this game, including 500 new items and three new bosses.

You can read our review of Terraria here.

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