Shadow Moses Never Looked So Good

Shadow Moses Never Looked So Good 10

Every Metal Gear fan who experienced the first game knows Shadow Moses. The snow covered base Snake must infiltrate. Looking back on Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation One sadly does not hold up graphically to what you remember. This is why the concept of seeing the classic level rebuilt with modern technology is so exciting.

Shadow Moses rebuilt with the power of Unreal is Airam Hernandez quest. Utilizing the latest technologies, he has managed to make a faithful recreation of the iconic base. In painstaking detail he has managed to capture some key elements that make the base so special to Metal Gear fans. Even without the power of a large team behind him, he has managed to build something that rivals many of the recent MGS games in pure visual fidelity.

It does not stop there though, he is also looking for fans of the MGS series to submit fanart and cosplay to be added into the world of Shadow Moses. If you want to be a part of the project, you can visit his Facebook page and submit your work to be considered for the project.

It is good to see fans pushing the limits of fandom and building new and exciting worlds. We can hope Konami does not put an end to this project, as I know I would love to visit that base, in all it’s Unreal Engine glory.

Fred Gimbel
Fred Gimbel

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