The Sims 4’s Next Pack Returns to High School

The Sims 4's Next Pack Returns to High School

The Sims 4 is getting a blast from the past with its latest expansion pack, titled “High School Years.”

The new pack comes hot off the heels of the game’s latest addition, Werewolves. High School Years launches on July 28 across all platforms, and will cost $39.99. You can pre-order the pack now on the official website, and EA will be hosting a deep dive livestream ahead of release via YouTube and Twitch on July 15 at 11am PT. In the meantime, however, EA has shared plenty of information with the announcement post.

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The Sims 4 expansion brings all the High School activities you could want, letting players attend class, take exams, join a team or club, and spend plenty of time hanging out with friends. Here’s what the announcement says.

“During school hours, Sims attend class, hang out with friends, have lunch in the cafeteria, take weekly exams, and hopefully avoid being scolded by the principal who patrols the halls! After school, students can participate in activities like football, cheerleading, chess, and computer clubs, go to events like the science fair, or head home to their poster-filled bedroom to complete their homework.”

Interestingly, the expansion will also introduce body hair to the games, letting Sims groom and trim their hair through puberty. There are plenty of other new features, like a host of options for pranks like leaving a stink bomb in a classmate’s locker, or messing with the school’s PA system.

The school itself will have seven new lots to explore, some of which are made by members of the Sims community. For example, there’s a thrift store/boba shop made by MsGryphi, and a library made by xfreezerbunnyx.

The final thing the announcement highlights is the ability to customize two iconic high school events, prom and graduation.

“Perhaps the most nerve-wracking yet exciting night of a teen Sims’ high school years is prom. You’ll be able to customize every aspect of your Sim’s prom, beginning with prom preparation and the event itself. Sims can go solo, ask someone to the prom, go with friends, or skip out altogether. From there, players can dive into the details, including creating and presenting a promposal sign, selecting outfits, having friends over to get ready, and voting for prom royalty. Players can also plan out their dance routines, music, snacks, and more. How a Sim prepares for and participates in prom will impact their relationships going forward! “

The Sims 4 is currently available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Mac.

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