Slim Vita Makes Its Way To Europe

| January 30, 2014
Slim Vita Makes Its Way To Europe

Sony announced this morning that the Slim Vita model will be making its way to the United Kingdom on February 7th. The version, originally released in Japan last year, has 1GB of internal memory and a LCD screen. The model also boasts longer battery life and lighter hardware.

The PlayStation Vita has had its struggles in the past, being outsold by the powerhouse that is the Nintendo 3DS. Still, the Vita has found a home in niche JRPG titles (Persona 4: Golden and Ys: Memories of Celceta), making it a must for anime fans.

The slim PlayStation Vita model will run Europeans £180. Here’s hoping they will answer the impulse to purchase it. There is still no confirmation of a North American release.

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