Sniper Elite 4: Deathstorm DLC Releases March 21

| March 17, 2017
Sniper Elite 4: Deathstorm DLC Releases March 21 2

Sniper Elite 4 fans have a lot to be excited about on March 21, 2017 with the launch of a brand new DLC campaign and free in-game content for multiplayer. Obviously, the most exciting news of this announcement is about the new three-part campaign, titled “Deathstorm,” which is set after the events of the base game.

Players will only be able to experience part one of “Deathstorm,” “Inception,” at the time of launch. The introduction mission sounds exciting, set in the colder climates of Northern Italy, where up to two players set out to infiltrate a bomb run Nazi Naval Base looking for top-secret documents and packages surrounding the Manhattan Project.

The content doesn’t stop flowing there though. Players will be able to sink their teeth into the “Night Fighter Expansion” pack, which includes three new weapons, night-time camo rifle skins, as well as more themed skins to customize character models.

Multiplayer will be receiving some free updates in the form of a new game mode, “Elimination,” as well as the first new map, called Night Woods. As Rebellion has already stated when they first announced their plans for Sniper Elite 4 DLC, all additional maps and modes will be free, keeping the player base together.

“Elimination” is a two-team, 12 player mode that is similar to dodgeball. Every player has one life and once eliminated they are sent to a respawn queue to wait. If one of the remaining teammates manages to kill an enemy, then someone from the respawn queue comes back to life to even out the odds and make a comeback. Both teams fight until only one side remains.

Dodgeball game types like this are becoming more frequent in multiplayer games and I really enjoy them as a nice change of pace. There’s always a powerful rush of adrenaline that happens when the team starts to make a sudden comeback after losing a majority of its members, which never gets old.

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