Song in the Smoke Pits PSVR Users Against the Prehistoric Age

Song in the Smoke Pits PSVR Users Against the Prehistoric Age 2
Song in the Smoke is the latest game from 17-Bit which brings prehistoric-era survival for PSVR players.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog ahead of its next-generation PSVR headset, Song in the Smoke encourages players to stay alive and thrive within an open-world wilderness. The setting also adds iconic prehistoric dangers, including dinosaurs, large nightmare-inducing tigers and local peaceful fauna players can hunt for food. The larger animals serve as the game’s enemies which complicate a player’s mission to keep their bellies full and settle down in a shelter.

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Its brief reveal trailer showed off Song in the Smoke‘s own unique graphics within PSVR. A blend of cel-shading and simplistic textures separate nature from its predators. This can be taken advantage of by players, who can navigate through tall grass and other obstacles with stealth. Players can use them to best the game’s deadly dinosaurs, shown roaming certain areas of the game. It’s still unknown if the local wildlife would interact with each other to make hunting an interesting challenge for players. But to make the process easier, PSVR players can of course craft 1:1 scale tools and weapons such as the classic bow and arrow. They can also pick up rocks, which can be used for starting fires or to distract enemies as a ranged item. In turn, the fire can be used to cook foods, which are taken from wildlife with varying effects.

Interestingly, players have a chance to physically fight back at enemies such as a panther. When approached, a brief quick-time event suggests players can counter certain enemy types or dodge attacks. It’s suggested players won’t have the same luck with other enemy types, including packs of prehistoric hyenas or larger Yetis roaming the snowy mountains. Players will also encounter supernatural creatures, with the trailer showing a flying Wendigo-type enemy. As part of its story, it’s implied the Wendigos and artifacts hidden throughout the land will shed more light into Song of the Smoke‘s mythology.

Song In The Smoke Pits Psvr Users Against Dinos And Hunger 1
Song in the Smoke – 17-Bit

In true survival game fashion, PSVR users will experience their own day and night cycle. In its post, the game constantly encourages players to do more with their weapons and tools. They can also use different ingredients to craft stronger items than before. Byproducts can also be made by tossing a bow into a fire for warmth or snapping wood in half. Players will also be hit by various conditions in the wild and will need to find remedies. Colds, infections, fevers and exhaustion are just some of the personal obstacles that can unexpectedly appear while exploring the world in Song of the Smoke.

Song of the Smoke arrives for PSVR users later in 2021.

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