Sonic Frontiers To Receive More FREE DLC According To SEGA

sonic frontiers to receive more free dlc according to sega 934148

Sega confirms that Sonic Frontiers, the latest chapter in the Sonic series of games, will be getting free DLC.

Since the very young release of Sonic Frontiers on November 8, the title has already received some free goodies. With the Sonic Adventure 2 footwear donned by the blue blur during the 2002 release already secured by players, and the latest FREE Monster Hunter gear based off Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos already claimable, it seems Sonic can not only run fast but do so in SEGA fashion. It remains to be seen if more stages will be added, considering the last two were only cosmetic and didn’t change gameplay at their core.

Sonic Frontiers To Receive More Free Dlc According To Sega 961884

With SEGA just giving Sonic Frontiers based goodies away, the backlash CD Projekt Red is receiving over its Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 is made more apparent. However, the company that built Night City is slated to bring The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt a brand new next-generation upgrade for free to those that already own the base game this December.

While a spokesperson from SEGA’s PR has claimed, “SEGA is also happy to announce that it plans on supporting Sonic Frontiers with multiple content updates that will be free to all users starting with the Monster Hunter Collaboration Pack and extending into next year,” it still remains to be seen as to whether gameplay mechanics will change, if new playable characters will be added, or if new areas to explore will make way to the ‘open zone’ nature of Frontiers.

For now, fans will have to wait and see regarding the free new updates Sonic brings to the table. To keep up to date on the releases as they happen, fans can rush over to the official Sonic Twitter account to stay tuned to the updates.

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