Sonos Release New Sonos Five, Sub and S2 App and Operating System

S2 App and OS to launch June 8, 2020
| May 6, 2020

While the Sonos Arc takes center stage with today’s announcements, the company did not stop there, announcing new versions of previous products, and a look at their new App and OS.

The Sub (Gen 3) changes little overall and maintains the overall look and feel, with the internals receiving a bit of an upgrade over previous generations. The Sonos Five, the new speaker replacing the Play: Five, changes the overall look of the device, bringing the design aesthetic more in line with the rest of the new Sonos lineup.

The new Sonos Five also brings new internals, but will keep the acoustic architecture and experience of the Play: Five so audio fans will not be loosing out opting for the new speaker. The Sonos Sub will cost $699 CAD with the Sonos Five costing $599 when they launch and can be pre-ordered at today.

Along with the new products, Sonos also gave more details on their new App and OS, revealing it will launch on June 8th. Sonos also announced that the new speakers, the Arc, Five and Sub (Gen 3) will run exclusively on the new S2 app. The new app will bring new features to the Sonos ecosystem such as higher resolution audio technology, increased security and an overall improved design and user interface. The user interface updates will make it easier to search for content, along with personalizing the experience with features such as saved room groups.

It should also be noted, that while most of the previous Sonos range will work on the S2 app, select speakers including the Play 5 (Gen 1), Connect, Connect: Amp, Sonos Zone Players, and Sonos Bridge. For these devices, you will need to keep using the previous app, that is being renamed ‘Sonos S1 Controller’, although all other hardware can be moved over to the new platform when it launches this June.

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