Sony Reportedly Ending sale of PS Vita in Netherlands

| April 13, 2016
Sony reportedly ending sale of PS Vita in Netherlands

The shelf life of the PS Vita is supposedly reaching its end point, according to reports from several stores in the Benelux, a politico-economic union of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, that say no new shipments of the system are expected in.

In an article posted to the Dutch news site tweakers, it was discovered that, one of the Netherlands largest online retailers and an official distributor of the Vita, was currently not in stock and no more were expected in the short term.

tweakers reached out to Sony Benelux about the situation, but were simply told there was “nothing to report” in regards to the Vita and declined to make any further comments.

For now, the Vita is still for sale in other European countries such as France and Germany, from stores and online retailers. It is still too early to say for certain if this is the end of the Vita, at least in the Benelux, but it remains unclear why they are no longer for sale.

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