Sony stopping production of the PSPgo

| April 20, 2011
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The redesigned handheld will soon be nothing but a memory.

Following yesterday’s rumors – and despite a (sort of) denial from Sony Europe – the demise of the PSPgo is now official. Sony Japan has announced that they’ve ceased production of the PSPgo in order to make room for the upcoming NGP, telling the Japanese website AV Watch that the handheld will be extinct once the remaining stock has been cleared out of stores and warehouses.

The PSPgo was launched in 2009 as smaller, sleeker, re-designed version of the PSP. It was also a digital-only device and shipped without a UMD disc drive, which meant that the system was not compatible existing PSP products.

Sony noted that that PSP-3000 “continues to sell” and that production of the handheld will not be interrupted.

Source: GameSpy


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