Sony wants to cut development costs on the PS4

| May 27, 2011

We all save money when Sony’s production costs are lower.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Sony has confirmed that it’s developing a successor to the PS3, and while we probably shouldn’t expect to see the console anytime soon, Sony has learned a few lessons about making a more cost effective console. During a recent investors briefing, Sony Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato said, “It is no longer thinkable to have a huge initial financial investment like that of the PS3,” indicating that the company expects the PS3 division to continue to be profitable in the future.

It’s also good news for gamers. At launch, the PS3 was expensive for both consumers ($599) and Sony considering that the company invested billions while building its own semi-conductor facilities, so if the PS4 is cheaper for Sony some of those savings should be passed on to the customer. Sony only recently started to see some profit from the PS3 after getting the production costs below $300.

Source: Andriasang

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