Soul Sacrifice Delta Slices Its Way To The West

Soul Sacrifice Delta Slices Its Way To The West

After numerous listings and rumours Sony finally confirmed this morning that Soul Sacrifice Delta is coming to North America.

Dubbed “the ultimate edition,” Delta brings in better graphics, expansion content and more. Until now, all these additions were available only to Japan and certain other Asian countries, who received the game on March 6th.

Soul Sacrifice was originally created by Keiji Inafune, the genius behind Mega Man and the upcoming Mighty No. 9. When it was originally announced, many saw Soul Sacrifice as the Vita’s first killer-app due to Inafune’s involvement as well as the lush graphics and innovate new mechanics. Upon release, the game mustered solid reviews yet fell short of the predicted pedestal many believed it would reach.

The gameplay itself is shown from a third person perspective and uses a mechanic called the save/sacrifice system. When an enemy/ally is defeated the player has the choice of saving or sacrificing them, each with different benefits like increasing attack power or increasing life. Players must decide what is more important to them, thus adding a moral compass to each decision they make. Much of the combat is derivative of Monster Hunter, so grind-lovers will be at home here.

While not revolutionary, the title sold a respectable 110,000 units in America (which is more than many other Vita titles can boast).

Players can pick up the North American version of Soul Sacrifice Delta on May 13th. Also be sure to check out our review of the original Soul Sacrifice.

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