Spiritfarer and Disc Room Getting Physical Releases

Spiritfarer and Disc Room Getting Physical Releases

This week it was announced that Spiritfarer would be getting a small-batch, physical release from iam8bit, with Disc Room and The Talos Principle coming from Special Reserve Games, and more!

It was an exciting week for those keeping track of the small-batch physical release market, with several companies showing off upcoming indie releases. To start things off, iam8bit—a company probably most well-known for their vinyl video game soundtrack releases—announced a physical release for the heart-warming adventure title Spiritfarer.

The announcement follows developer Thunderlotus’ incredible news last month of half a million sales for the wholesome indie title. While a pre-order window has not been given, it appears it will be soon. Spirirfarer will receive this release on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with vinyl soundtracks and a Collector’s Edition coming later this year.

Spiritfarer Physical Release Iam8Bit
Spiritfarer x iam8bit

Special Reserve Games also announced a pair of indie titles would be getting small-batch releases, with The Talos Principle and Disc Room coming to your shelves soon. The pre-order window will begin at 12pm Central on June 8th and will run through June 29th. Both releases will be on Nintendo Switch only but will see an open pre-order, meaning you won’t have to rush to beat out others for a copy.

The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game in the same vein as The Witness, where you’ll solve environmental puzzles while trying to decipher what is happening in this world. Disc Room is a top-down action title where you make your way from room to room trying to survive the saw blades and other obstacles flying around. From a group of indie developers known for Minit, Sludge Life, Enter the Gungeon, and more, this is one you won’t want to miss.

The Talos Principle Disc Room Special Reserve Games
The Talos Principle and Disc Room from Special Reserve Games

Wrapping things up for the week is 1Print Games announcement for a trio of Nintendo Switch titles. With Neo Cab headlining a list that includes Eternal Radiance and Paradise Killer.

This release will see a limited number of copies, so those interested will need to jump on this soon, as they are available for pre-order now. Each can be purchased individually (with Neo Cab available now), or as a set to save on shipping, but either way, you’ll be getting your copies in the mail in Q3 of this year.

Neo Cab 1Print Games
Neo Cab, Eternal Radiance, and Paradise Killer from 1Print Games

Keeping an eye on all the various companies that release small-batch physical titles can be a hassle, but here’s to hoping everyone can score all the titles they are hoping for, with Spiritfarer, Disc Room, and more getting collectors pumped up to see them on their shelves.

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