Spotify’s New Look Feels Like TikTok & Provides Easier Discovery For Music

spotifys new look feels like tiktok amp provides easier discovery for music 23030903 3

During their Stream On event hosted in LA, Spotify pulled back the curtain on its new user interface and features that come with the whole new design.

The new Spotify look adopts the vertical display that the video-sharing phenomenon, TikTok, has utilized since its inception but provides many new features besides the similar aesthetic and display. The music streaming app has placed emphasis on new music discovery this time around while implementing all forms of audio into the same interface.

Spotifys New Look Feels Like Tiktok Amp Provides Easier Discovery For Music 23030903

The new interface also includes the previously announced DJ update and also builds on it by adding other audio, such as Podcasts, Shows, and Audiobooks, to a cohesive interface, making it easy for the user to peruse all their audio at once.

The new interface was announced at the Stream On event that went live today, and it introduced another feature called Spotify Clips, which is expanded upon in the video below.

YouTube video

The new Clips feature is just one instance of innovation and allows artists to communicate directly from a single platform to fans seamlessly. Co-President and Chief Product & Technology Officer Gustav  Söderström said, “The world today pulls us in a million different directions,” with “So the most important thing we, at Spotify, can do for creators is to reduce the distance between their art and the people who love it . . . or who would love it as soon as they discovered it” regarding the new updates.

Spotifys New Look Feels Like Tiktok Amp Provides Easier Discovery For Music 23030903 2

Besides the new Spotify Clips implementation, Music, Podcasts, Shows, and Audiobooks will all be accessible from the home screen, making it easier for users to locate what they would like to listen to next, even if they haven’t heard it yet. New feeds will also make their way to the search menu, and scrolling up or down can allow users to take a peek at short Canvas clips from favourite tracks or brand-new ones, either way, they can be added to a playlist or shared easily.

Fans looking for a more detailed layout of the new features can swing over to the Spotify Stream On event page for more details surrounding the exciting update.

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